We reserve the right to refuse adoption to anyone.

Bella's & Gauge's puppies.

All puppies are adopted.


If you are interested in

adopting a puppy from another litter please contact us. 

Email or message us on facebook.

#1 Black Collar Boy - Salt & Pepper

Winston is adopted by the Murrell's of Memphis, TN

#3 Yellow Collar Boy - Salt & Pepper

The Lazarini home will never be the same once Bodie (and Patrick) move in. They will stay right here in Memphis, TN. 

#2 Red Collar Boy - Salt & Pepper

Oliver will move to the Solomon home in Greer, South Carolina

#4 White Collar Boy - Salt & Pepper

Patrick, along with his brother Bodie, will be double the trouble, double the fun in the Lazarini home. Memphis, TN

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