Colt's Parents & Grandpa

a.k.a. Colt

18 lbs - Black & Silver (faded) - Male

Thank you, Alisha, of Mystique Kennels for our handsome Colt.

Teresa's Rocky

Without some wonderful people and connections through our mutual love of schnauzers we would not have Colt with us today. They helped him get within a few hours of us, so we could meet them for pick up. Thank you to Richard Dennie of Southern Charm Miniature Schnauzers of Benton, AR

Colt is finding his place in our squad. He came to us confident, not afraid but a little bit introverted and cautious. Now he plays, wags his stubby tail and is just one of the gang. He is very well mannered, with one exception. He wants to mark. We are not too surprised by that because he is an unaltered male coming into a squad of several females. So when you see pictures of him inside, he will have on a belly band (a diaper that wraps his tummy). We just love him and can't thank Alisha enough for allowing him to join his sister Liberty Rayne in our home.