Ivy Rose is half sister to Heidi, they share their sire. They look like twins, but their personalities are complete opposites. Ivy craves attention. She doen't have an aggressive bone in her body but she definately will push the other dogs out of her way to get to our lap. She's curious and wants to know what is going on with everything in the house. We are trying to break her of chasing the chickens. She wouldn't deliberately hurt them, but what dog doesn't like to see that chicken's waddle run and flapping wings. Recently, she caught a bird and was very pleased with herself. The other dogs were also highly impressed as they chased her around while the poor bird dangled from her mouth. Ewww!


Ivy has a fabulous pedigree. Nothing but traditional colors black & silver, black and mainly salt & pepper. She also has champions on her dam and sire sides. 


Ivy has been in one conformation show and received a 3rd place ribbon. But conformation is very time consuming due to the grooming regulations on schnauzers. So we prefer to do Obedience and Rally. Ivy loves to see the Rats when she goes to the Barn Hunts. She has earned her AKC title in Rally Novice. 

Ivy Rose Queen of Maddie RN

17 lbs - Salt & Pepper - Female

Ivy Rose's Parents