* Your puppy

Watch your baby grow through lots of online pictures and videos. I post almost daily on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter ( I don't understand Twitter, can someone help me out?). I can also send you email updates but only if you don't have social media.

* Registered with American Kennel Club

Total Cost is $1200 ..... this price includes ....

We will register your pup with AKC, limited, no additional costs to you. Limited AKC registration means you can not register a litter from your dog. So we ask that you spay or neuter to prevent unintentional litters. All you have to do is tell us the pup's name and your name, address and email address. As soon as you pick up your baby we will go online together and click the transfer button and you will begin receiving information from AKC thanking you for registering your new baby.  Full Registration is possible, but at a increased cost $1800. I am very serious about the care of our breeding adults. They get before, during and after care. If you intend on "just one litter" your adult will probably not receive the kind of care she deserves. So the increase in price tells me you are serious and will take care of her/him.

* Blanket or pillow

* Collar

* Bred with Heart <3

* Breeder Support

* Online updates

* Veterinary Receipts

* Sample of  Dog Food

* First hair cut at 5-7 weeks. Before & After collage posted online.

We will give you a copy of every receipt from vet visits, at least three. 1) Tails docked, dew claws removed at 2-5 days old. 2) Dewormer & physical at three weeks old.  3) Vaccinations, dewormer & physical at six weeks old. When you present these to your vet's office at your puppy's first visit they should follow the continuity of care.

He/She will be full of mischief and guaranteed to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart.

It is such an exciting time between 6 weeks and 8 weeks. The puppies receive their first set of vaccination, they get to be outside for potty and play, they meet and interact with the big dogs, they are eating more puppy food and less nursing from momma as she weans them. Then, in preparation for their new home we give them their first real hair cut. And of course, before and after pictures are posted.

At birth your puppy is given a yarn color for identification. As he/she grows we will replace yarn with matching colored collar. During the entire eight weeks every picture of your baby will show him or her with that color. This is an easy way for you to pick him or her out in the litter pictures.

In order to help the transition from our home to yours we send puppy home with a blanket or pillow that has momma and the litter's scent. It will probably smell awful to you and I, but resist the urge to wash it at least for several days. Make sure baby has it with them in their crate, especially at night.

Our dry dog food of choice is Victor. Your puppy will go home with at least a quart size bag of food, of each kind, and instructions on how to switch the food to another brand if you don't want to stay with this food. Victor is a family owned company and has a 4* rating (out of 5). More information see VICTOR Pet Food and  DogFoodAdvisor. Diamond Naturals Small Breed Puppy food is also a 4* rated food and the Diamond Naturals brand is also family owned. We purchase this food at our local Tractor Supply Store.

We will do our best to answer any questions and help with any problems. If we don't know the anwer we'll help you find it.


Remember you can contact any of our adoptive families to ask about their experience.

We have been a Bred with H.E.A.R.T. breeder for two consecutive years. We take Continuing Education classes online to make sure we have up to date information. We try to be knowledgable on everything pertaining to our furbabies. We go above and beyond what is expected by the American Kennel Club. 

* Pet Insurance Coverage

This is a trail coverage period. It does require your activation. Certificate is provided in the information packet.

* Ear Cropping at 5-6 weeks $300 additional fee

This is new January 2017. The procedure costs well over $300 but we pay the difference. Take home pain medications, inflamation medication, topical antibiotic and taping is included. We love the cropped look so we are willing to share the cost with you. Please read about the obstacles we have over come in order to offer you this option. This is an additional cost to you. Ear Cropping options 

* Early Neurological Stimulation excersises

* Socialization

* Enrichment opportunities

New for us in January 2017. To learn more about these excersises and opportunities to make your dog a "Super Dog" read the article that shares the results of experiements. 

* Microchipped

New January 2018. Your puppy will be microchipped including lifetime enrollment with AKCReunite. At pick up we will scan your puppy to show you.