Gunny's Kimber Fire

Kimber was our first schnauzer since Scooter's death many years earlier. She made us realize our desire to start a breeding program.  She was our shadow. If we got out of her site, she hollered for us until we came back into her view.  She was so loving and stubborn. We miss her every day.


In the top right collage photo, Kimber was named after the hand gun brand.

Over the Rainbow Bridge

After graduating college, our daughter, Laci, adopted Parker. He had been beaten, abused and neglected terribly. He had to have a surgery to remove his collar. For the rest of his life he carried a pink scar around his neck. Initially, we were concerned for Laci's safety because of how he might react. But as time passed we came to rely on him for her protection. He was extremely loveable but no one came near her without his approval. We love and miss you Parker, more than words can say.

Laci's Bubba - Parker

This sweet baby never took a breath. She aspirated fluid during whelping. We tried for a couple of hours to clear her lungs but we were not successful. Heidi's first baby, from her first litter. We love you, Schnauzer Angel.